Catalytic Deoxygenation for Upgrading of Leucaena

The aim of this study was to improve the quality of bio-oil produced from the pyrolysis of Leucaena leucocephala
trunks via catalytic deoxygenation using Pt/Al2O3 (Pt content = 1.32% (w/w)). The minimum
molar ratio of oxygen/carbon (O/C) at 0.14 was achieved when the amount of catalyst was 10% (w/w,
bio-oil) and was applied under 4 bar of initial nitrogen pressure at 340 C for 1 h. The reaction mechanism
of the catalytic deoxygenation, in terms of reforming, water–gas shift and dehydration reactions, was
proposed. To consider the effect of different biomass types on the efficiency of catalytic deoxygenation,
the bio-oils obtained from the pyrolysis of sawdust, rice straw and green microalgae were likewise evaluated
for direct comparison.

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