Evaluation of Thailand Existing Motorcycle Fueled with Ethanol Blended Gasoline on Tailpipe Emissions

The effect of ethanol blended gasoline fuel on emission was investigated in Thailand. The exhaust emissions tests on four-stroke motorcycle fueled with gasoline fuel (E0) and ethanol blended gasoline fuel (E10&E20) were conducted and evaluated in this research. The emissions test results show that the ethanol blended gasoline fuel results in decreasing of CO emission by 40-70%. Other emissions are not difference. Fuel consumption test results between ethanol blended gasoline fuels compared to gasoline fuel are not difference. All emission test results using gasoline and ethanol blended gasoline for all motorcycles in this study are meet TIS legislations.

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7. ICAE-7 Motorcycle Tailpipe Emissions Using Gasohol - Padol.pdf